Group dog adventures £12.00 per dog

Do you have a dog who enjoys the company of other dogs? If so then we can arrange a social walk with one or more other dogs. Walks will be safe and structured, mixed with fun, games, plenty of exploring, enrichment and bonding. Dogs in the group will be carefully selected taking into account size, age and temperament to ensure that all dogs enjoy the walk. A maximum of 4 dogs will be walked together at any one time.

Solo dog adventures £18.00 per dog

If you would prefer your dog to have more one-to-one attention then we can arrange a solo walk, on or off lead. The walks will be structured and varied and we can continue any training that you and your dog are currently working on, such as loose-lead walking or recall.

Home visits (1/2 hour visit - £12.00, Puppy 2 x 20 minute visits - £18.00 per day)

If your dog is not able to leave the house for whatever reason (perhaps due to illness or age) then we can arrange to pay them a visit at home.We will happily feed, toilet and administer any medications to your dog as required, as well as providing company and mental stimulation to occupy their mind. This service is also open to cats and small furries. Home visits are ideal for puppies who have not yet completed their course of vaccinations and we offer a special puppy package for puppies under 6 months, which consists of 2 x 20minute visits per day.

All dogs will be transported (where required) securely in crash-tested crates.

Dog Training

Puppy and adult dog classes, as well as various options for one-to-one training, are offered via Through the Dog's Eyes. Please click here for the website for this.